Psychotherapist in private practice in North London

Treating adults and young people with a wide range of conditions. 

EMDR Therapy Clinical Supervisor

Clinical supervision for individuals and groups  working with children and families as well as with adult / complex clients.

EMDR Therapy Clinical Supervisor at the following organisations: 

  • Post Adoption Centre, London - Advisory role as a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. 
  • Clinical Supervisor  (2013 to date), The Tavistock Centre - EMDR Clinical Supervisor to staff working with children and Families and support of the development of EMDR skills / model within that organisation (2011 to date). 
  • Hammersmith Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) - EMDR Clinical Supervisor and support the development and integration of the EMDR model within that organisation (2014 to date). 
  • IAPT St Charles Hospital - EMDR Clinical Supervisor (from 2014 to date).

EMDR Teaching

Regularly invited to teach aspects of my EMDR clinica work and to provide EMDR supervision in Brazil and services in the UK.

Teaching Child and Adolescent Psychiatry to Training Organisations

Teacher and responsible for the module on "Introduction to  Child and Adolescent Psychiatry" to psychotherapy trainees at the Institute for Arts Therapy and Education (IATE).