EMDR Therapy

I am an experienced EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) Consultant and Clinical Supervisor. I offer EMDR Therapy for a wide range of issues to adults, young people and families. I am regularly invited to teach aspects of my EMDR clinical work and to provide EMDR supervision in different organizations in the UK and abroad.

Please follow the link to the UK and Ireland EMDR Association for further information on EMDR Therapy.

EMDR Supervision

My 23 years experience as an NHS Consultant Psychiatrist and as the Head of the Family Trauma Clinic (at the NHS-based Marlborough Family Service in London) has exposed me to extremely complex cases. Those challenging cases, not only encouraged me to continue developing my clinical skills, but also helped me to greatly develop my teaching and supervising skills. 

As a result, I have expertise in supervising complex cases in children and adults, where the skills resulting from my dual training as a Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist are usually welcome for a broad clinical understanding and a comprehensive perspective on risk management.  

I offer Clinical Supervision in EMDR therapy for individuals in private practice, and for groups and teams in different organisations. Supervision for organisations usually take place on-site. The possibility of providing supervison via Skype can be discussed, if the supervisee lives out of London. 

Providing EMDR Clinical Supervision is an extremely rewarding aspect of my work. I thoroughly enjoy helping therapists who have only recently trained in EMDR to:

  • develop their skills in EMDR.
  • integrate EMDR into their existing clinical / theoretical model of work.
  • gain confidence to put it in practice and progress along the pathway to become EMDR Accredited Practitioners or EMDR Consultants.

I am currently the EMDR Clinical Supervisor at the following Services, where I supervise clinical cases and also support the development and integration of EMDR as a model within the organisation : 

  • Post-Adoption Centre, London - also work on an Advisory role as a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist (2013 to date). 
  • The Tavistock Centre, London - EMDR Clinical Supervisor to staff working with children and families (2011 to date). 
  • Hammersmith Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), London (2014 to date). 
  • IAPT St Charles Hospital, London (from 2013 to date).